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Since my roof has concrete tiles that had to be removed/replaced/trimmed/sealed, it took about 8 hours to install. I used extra flashing/sealant. The temperature in the living room felt much cooler the first day of use and the AC didn’t run as much!!! It’s in the 90’s and I will be putting two more in as soon as possible. It should reduce my $600 electric bill by a nice margin and the units will pay for themselves in one summer. Ratings for delivery and CS were low because they were N/A.
Ethan Grant
January 21, 2024
My reviews aren’t showing up??? These units work great. It runs when the sun hits the panel and it runs on AC after the sun goes down until the air is cooler. Use lots of roofing tar and make sure it’s sealed!! I sealed the base unit and secured with screws. I used extra flashing to double seal the area! The person who had a leak obviously didn’t monitor the process or hire the right people to install it. I carried this up onto the roof myself, 2 people might be needed for steeper roofs.
David Peterson
January 21, 2024
The best thing I did in years for the house. We installed two QuietCool 40 watt ,both to replaced manual air vents that existed for long time. The hot temperature doesn’t stay in the attic for too long . Now the temperature in the evening after a hot day is evenly distribute and it is much easier to cool the house with some air from outside or the AC.
Marcus Reynolds
April 21, 2023

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