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Overall I am very please w/ this purchase. I appreciate the bluetooth connectivity which allows us to control the fan speeds as well as adjust settings for automatic operation via mobile devices (while at home). There are summer & winter settings which allow changes from default to whatever temperature and/or humidity level desired. The low speed is very quiet whereas the high speed is a bit louder than advertised however it is bearable. You eventually get used to the “white noise” created by the “humming” of the fan. I work nights so it actually helps me sleep. I have already noticed that my heat pump does not run as often being that the fan is expelling the hot air that is in the attic thus keeping the living space cooler. Hope this helps anyone that takes the time to read it.
Anthony S.
January 21, 2024
This fan is excellent. The biggest shock was how quiet it is, compared with my past 2 fans. Installation was really helped by (a) having all the hardware available, (b) the wiring diagram that let me disable the bluetooth controls so I could wire it straight to a switch, and (c) the sturdiness of the high-gauge steel. The fan has pads that are fastened under the attachment wings (another plus) that damp the sound. It has great air movement, which was the primary reason I chose it in the first place. Everything about this fan says “quality,” and if it lasts as long as I suspect it will, it says “value” as well. I strongly endorse this fan!
Tony Seikel
January 21, 2024
It is nice to get such a quality product for a reasonable price. The fan and housing are well build and easy to install. It plugged into an existing outlet with no other wiring needed. The cord is quite long. The software application was easy to install on my phone. When I turned the fan on with my phone while I was in the attic, the fan was whisper quite on both low and high speeds. From inside the living room just under the location of the fan, it is so quiet you cannot hear it at all.
The temperature in the attic has dropped dramatically and my AC now turns off during the heat of the day. Before, it ran all day long.
I would highly recommend this fan to anyone that needs to ventilate their attic.
January 21, 2024

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